The Parish Room is located on the corner of the High Street and Southampton Hill in Titchfield Village, High Street PO14 4AQ, near the Queens Head Pub.  There is short term parking in the Square or behind the building in Barry’s Meadow or Long-term parking at the Community Centre.

SMOKING and VAPING are not allowed on the whole premises including the memorial garden (no exceptions).

For Pictures of the facilities please see the Parish Room Gallery page of this Web Site. In summary the Hall consists of:

  1. The Main Hall approx. 80sq Metres with the entrance at one end, a stage at the other end and a large fire door to one side. It can hold up to 100 people.

  2. A Side room off the main Hall approx. 20sq Metres

  3. Also, off the main Hall is a Kitchen with Cooker, Microwave, Fridge and the Central & Water Heating Boiler.

  4. Toilets with separate Gents and Ladies facilities at the back, by the stage.

  5. The facility has a Music Licence which is now a combination of the PRS (Performing Right Society) and PPL (Phonographic Performance Ltd) licences, enabling commercial music to be played/performed for any activity within the hall.

  6. The Hall has an open loop system for hearing aid users.

  7. The consumption of alcoholic liquor is not allowed without written permission.

  8. The Hall is cleaned on a regular weekly basis.

  9.  There are cupboards throughout the building, which are allocated to the Rooms regular users 

10.The whole building is centrally heated and with constant hot water.

There are enough Tables and chairs to accommodate about 80 people and these can be found in a large cupboard inside the Main Hall, near the entrance and on the stage.

In the event of Fire, evacuate the building immediately using the 3 exits (Main Fire doors, front door and side room external door).  Call the fire brigade and assemble in the Queens Head Car Park or Barry’s Meadow Car Park.

Use the fire extinguishers

  1. only on very small fires and

  2. if they are suitable for the type of fire (electrical, combustion etc.) and

  3. follow the instructions for their use.

Organisers of any event have a duty of care to their audience/members/attendees and

  1. Must ensure that everyone is accounted for if an evacuation is necessary.

  2. The Fire Doors must be closed but unlocked whenever the building is in use.

  3. On first unlocking the Fire Doors they should be opened to test their functioning and then closed.

  4. The area immediately outside the Fire Doors should be checked for any obstruction, in particular that the waste bins do not block a free exit.

  5. Do not forget to ensure before leaving the building that the Fire Doors are shut and fully locked with the locking device.

Other considerations

It should be noted that PRC/PPL have changed their music licensing arrangements again and the Parish Room has a Music PRC/PPL licence. Commercial users and party planners/performers who play music of any sort will have to arrange their own PPL licence at their own expense/risk.

Booking is for the whole building and our customers are requested to leave the building in good order, with all tables and chairs neatly stacked away and the kitchen cleaned.

Customers who book this facility must ensure for the safety of their fellow attendees, that they follow the instructions in Sections A to D of the Hire Agreements

There are no exceptions to these two conditions.











Booking the facility can be achieved in two ways:

  1. Book online via the the Hall Hire page which will require you to register with an email address.  Once registered you will be able to request a booking.  Please note when booking you should include setup and clear down time, so you do not overlap with others wishing to use the hall.  If you can, we recommend a 30min gap between bookings to avoid overlaps, but please do not abuse this.                   

  2. Request Bookings are done for you:

    • Hire for Single Event/Party is managed by Lesley Blackburn "Call Now" or eMail  and she will tell you the price and if the date and time are available, then book the event.  The booking will only be confirmed when the deposit and the signed Single Hire agreement have been received by Lesley.  You will receive an email confirming the booking and you should contact Lesley for instructions for accessing the Hall.  The fee for the Hire must be provided to Lesley or the Treasurer at least a week before the event.   See Request/Confirmation email for details.                   

    • Hire for Multi-Event/Regular Users are managed by the Treasurer "Call Now" or eMail .All regular users will be asked to sign the Multi-Event/Regular Hire Agreement and the prices agreed with the Treasurer.  If these users have any problems with online bookings they can email the Treasurer with their dates and times for their events who will try and book them and confirm via an email.

The prices are kept to a minimum so that is open to as many local people as possible and encourages local activities.   Progressive discounts are given for charities and regular users to help maximise the use of the Hall.  Usage is also split into specific time periods to ensure consistency of charges.  See page on Charges

Hire Payment                   

  1. Give the Hire Payment with the completed Single Hire Agreement and Deposit to Lesley Blackburn "Call Now"      or  eMail  or 3 Garsons Close, Titchfield PO14 4EF. If paying the Hire fee by BACS please ensure the Hire fee is made at least one week prior to the Event.                    

  2. Multi-Event/Regular users will be invoiced one month in arrears.  When paying the Invoice, please always quote the invoice number, thank you !                   

Payment Method                   

  1. By Cheque.  Please make CHQ’s payable to “Titchfield Parish Room”

  2. Payment via BACS (Internet) to the TPR Account:  Sort Code:  40-36-33  Account No. 01041665.  If paying by BACS please eMail stating Event, Hire Date(s) and amount transferred.