From 1st July’20 the prices have been increased.  This is due to the extra costs of Fuel, Maintenance and Cleaning and general inflation increases.   Even with this increase we expect to just cover our costs, so it represents very good value for money.  For regular use (ie. more than 5 times a year) please email the Treasurer (Digby Hands eMail ) for a quote.  Prices depend on amount of use per year and whether the requesting organisation is a charity.

During this Pandemic Regular Users who use less than the now minimum 4hrs, they will only be charged for the normal time they used the Hall in non-COVID-19 times.   i.e. If they use the Hall for the minimum time of 2hrs (e.g. they previously paid £30) , they will only be charged for the 2hrs at the new rate (£33).

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