Fake News  or The Real Thing ...You Decide !

Much has been written about fake news but the

Titchfield Village Trust prides itself on bringing real facts to the village and not the rumours that often circulate.

Below are some examples of things we may (or may not) have done and are planning (or not planning) to carry out !!

Please feel free to add your own contribution through the


The Space Port


In 2015 we blocked the Government plan to site the New Spaceport on the Allotments next to the Community Centre, thus preserving all kinds of fruit and veg for Titchfields future culinary needs.


















We also prevented the exit for the Isle of Wight Tunnel emerging on the site for the new Country Park.






We  stopped the Multi Story Car park being built on the bowling green and supported the permanent sprinkler system in its place, which does at least allow members to free washes every fortnight (Please contact the secretary to book a slot)








Plans for the future include :


Banning cars from the village and re introducing the horse. This will at the same time utilise the bollards in South Street for a more useful purpose.






We are campaigning to bring back the analogue TV signal using the Titchfield Transmitter thus re-instating Black and White television to the village, much mourned by snooker fans.



Still on the sporting front the residents of West Street are putting together a scheme to create a Ski Jump using the green as the landing area. They are seeking funding from the British Winter Olympic Committee.



The creation of a Formula 1 road race round the village starting in the Churchyard, then along Church Path, left into East Street left into The Square, along South Street and then down Frog Lane and back to the Church. This will of course mean the demolition of the Gothic Tomb which the village raised so much to refurbish but as Jenson Button has already said “It will make Titchfield a place to go through rather than to”


















The plans to make the Village the hairdressing capital of Britain are already well underway.





And finally the introduction of Wildebeest into Barry’s Meadow, inspired by the scheme to populate the Meon with Water Voles, will not only bring tourists but provide free meat as well. (We should point out that this is not supported by Derek the local Butcher)



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