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Minutes of General Meetings



Tuesday 2 July 2019


Apologies: Kenny and Sue Courtney, David Long, Johnny and Sarah Billson, Robert and Chris Chase.


52 people attended.


Nick welcomed everyone to the meeting and explained there was not a speaker, which will allow time for Questions and Answers.


Becoming a Charitable Incorporated Organisation Vote:

Nick explained the appropriate notices had been advertised in the required time about a members vote on this subject, as it would affect the TVT Constitution.

 The Charities Commission had made contact saying that by appointing Trustees in their roles and responsibilities, there will have to be a vote to agree with the process. Nick and Johnny had worked on the new constitution and recommended accepting the Charity Commission Model.


There are two Proposals –

PROPOSAL 1:         The TVT apply to the Charity Commission to alter its status from an unincorporated charity to that of a Charitable Incorporated Organisation using the Association Model. In order to achieve this we will use the Standard Association Model Constitution provided by the Commission, amended to fit our current aims and objectives.’


PROPOSAL 2:         The amended Constitution – under objects will be added:

‘The provision and maintenance of a village hall for the use of the inhabitants of the Ecclesiastical Parish of Titchfield without distinction of political, religious or other options, including use for:

A. Meetings, lectures and classes and

B. Other forms of recreation and leisure time occupation, with the object of improving the conditions of life for inhabitants.’

This has already been agreed by the Commission in an E mail to the Chair dated 20/06/2019.

The Model Constitution provided by the Charity Commision Section 16, will be amended to delete:

‘ A charity trustee who has served for three consecutive terms may not be reappointed for a fourth consecutive term but maybe reappointed after an interval of at least three years’.

Votes taken –

Proposal 1:  Proposer – Peter Swann; Seconder – Chris Walker; All agreed.

Proposal 2:  Proposer – Tessa Short; Seconder – Phil Burner; All agreed


Cllr Connie Hockley and Peter Swann gave a vote of thanks to Nick Girdler.

Treasurer Report: Ian Reeves introduced the signed and audited accounts.

Digby Hands will take over the role of Treasurer for TVT and Parish Room. A vote of thanks was given to Ian for his work and support over the years. Ian spoke about membership fees, Gift Aid, small grants and the deficit of over £1,000. The Titchfield Village Clock removal and refurbishment has taken a lot of money out of the £4,000 in savings account. Cllr. Geoff Hockley has donated £2,500 out of his devolved budget.

Members were asked to vote to pass the accounts – Proposer: Peter Swann and Seconder: Martin O’Grady.  All Agreed.


The Neighbourhood Plan: Nick reminded everyone about the Referendum Voting Day at Titchfield Community Centre on July 18th and said that this debate had nothing to do with FBC other than the election arrangements. He invited people for Q&A for clarity.

John Hiett spoke on behalf of the Neighbourhood Forum, reflecting from the Titchfield News Parish Magazine and the leaflet. He said there are no sites for 153 houses and spoke about the A27 new development.

Nick spoke on behalf of TVT regarding AECOM and developers already promoting areas for development.

David Phelan spoke on behalf of the Neighbourhood Forum and TVT losing clout for objection.

There followed much discussion around the subjects of FBC, developers, the Strategic Gap, and Green Belt protection. FBC Draft Plan and national policy constantly demanding more housing.

Adrian Whyntie asked that TVT must be absolutely clear and exact with information for policy sake.

Peter Swann asked clarification regarding businesses and rented property not being allowed to vote, plus the costs of this Plan – Government money pays  for NPs all over UK for development, not just Titchfield. This amounted to some £19,000 for the Titchfield plan

Cllr Connie Hockley pointed out this was not an FBC but a Government Initiative, and that the 400 homes at the Segensworth to Hambrooks site were not part of Titchfield.

Nick explained about the beginnings of NF and TVT not being able to be part of the Forum because of constitutional changes required and needing to retain independence from both local and national govt.

Cllr Geoff Hockley said he felt sad the people and neighbours are falling out over this issue.

Phil Burner spoke about the words ‘taking into account’, and the great mportance of reading the documents.

Nick thanked everyone for being objective.


The Parish Room: Nick updated members about the work that is being carried out at the moment – new safety alarms for safeguarding disabled using the toilets, inspecting the property regarding Health & Safety and carrying out the maintenance plans. He thanked Richard Ashton, Rob Blake, Paula Butterworth, Grace Clark and Digby Hands, and also TACT that had donated £600 to begin the refurbishment work once the accounts for the 2070 project are in place.

Adrian Whyntie spoke about the beginning of the fundraising campaign and a potential sources of fundraising that came to light after a visit to the Weald & Downland Museum with Amanda Laws. Advice is being sought regarding being a Listed Building. Volunteers are being sought for July 23 meeting and sharing of skills. This will be a long project – and it begins this Saturday with ivy cutting to protect the mortar and stone-work.


The Village Clock: The clock internal refurbishment has cost £660 but it means that it keeps in time throughout the year even the BST clock changes. Nick has repainted the base and clock in black and gold. Phil Burner is photographing for the application, which is being sought from FBC Conservation - and with consent, it will be replaced on Hadlows the Butchers wall in South Street. Tessa Short gave a brief history of the clocks beginning in time for winning the Best Kept Village competition.


Abbey Meadows Playground: A site designed to mirror the Abbey and available for abled and disabled children to use. The Veolia grant application is due 3 July for their donation of £75,000. FBC have already donated £45,000. We will know if we are successful sometime in September



The Bridge: Chris Walker spoke about the tragic accident on the A27 in which an 11 year old boy was killed. This happened in the spot where TVT wanted to erect a bridge for safe crossing over the A27. In view of the Retirement Village being complete and older people wanting to cross the road into the village, as well as children crossing to reach the Abbey Meadows Playground safely, could TVT re-open the idea again. Nick reported that HCC had said a bridge would cost 2 million pounds but they did design the low kerbs and island to cross the road. He suggested maybe fencing needs to be erected.  Cllr Geoff Hockley agreed it was too much money for HCC, with ongoing maintenance and servicing costs added. Paula said how unfair that decision was after a death and that Coach Hill was just as dangerous. Cllr Connie Hockley said she is still on the ‘look out’ for a bridge that is being demolished that maybe suitable.


FBC: There is a presentation of their Local Plan consultation on July 16th, for Autumn 2020.

Titchfield in Bloom: Gloria Hunt spoke about the work in the village so far, and the judges from RHS will be here July 15th, and the S.E England judges will begin their tours on July 30th. She thanked everyone for support.

Open Gardens: Over 600 people visited raising over £4,000 for FoSP. Thanks to everyone who opened up their gardens.


Nick thanked everyone for attending. The meeting closed at 9pm.


The next General Meeting will be Tuesday 5th November 2019 at 7.30pm.


Tuesday 3 July 2018

The Parish Rooms


Apologies: Suzanne Swann


Speaker: Ken Groves, Part 2, ‘Titchfield’s Unique Heritage’

Ken began in the year 1537 when Titchfield could have been called ‘Tidic’, The Abbey had been abolished and was now Place House with the introduction of the Wriothesley Dynasty. Titchfield at that time was an important port with access to the Isle of Wight, London and the South Coast in general.

Ken introduced the Earls of Southampton:

1st Earl in 1583 married Jane Cheney

2nd Earl married Mary Browne – Queen Elizabeth visited Place House in 1569, plus later King Edward V1

3rd Earl, Henry, (1573 – 1624) married Elizabeth Vernon in 1598 – Queen Elizabeth visited in 1591. He was the entrepreneur who designed The Canal to support the Iron Foundries and wool trade businesses after he closed the Titchfield Port at the Haven in 17th century. He was a close friend of Shakespeare and John Florio.

4th Earl, Thomas, (1608-1667) married Rachel de Masse, then Lady Elizabeth Leigh. Visitors were King Charles 1 and Queen Henrietta in 1625 and Samuel Pepys in 1662. He dies in 1667 with no male heirs.

1741 – The Delme Family bought the Estate

1781 – Place House was closed.


Speaker: Ann Wheal, Neighbourhood Forum.

Ann explained about the process of the NF after it began in 2016.

They received a Government grant of £13,000, which was paid into the TVT account, as a registered charity, to enable their process to begin. Ann thanked Ian Reeves, Treasurer to his assistance.

In March 2017, FBC approved the Titchfield Neighbourhood Plan, and she spoke about communication, consultations and achievements - Titchfield in Bloom; The Emblem; accessibility audit at surgery, the Country Park disabled access and dropped kerb outside One Stop. Public Consultations have been with FBC and English Heritage. There has been an independent examiner; there will be a vote for the referendum and success means NF becomes a legal document and the plan lasts until 2034


Jax Knott asked a question about the voting system and percentages of attendees to vote.


Colin Wilton Smith spoke about the housing and development policies around the 15,000 houses required for the Fareham Draft Plan. He spoke about the local plan and windfall sites.


A debate about voting on policies began with Nick Girdler, Cllr. Geoff Hockley and Peter Swann asking questions – about their financial account now and the summary in the

Titchfield News Ann pointed out that the who plan that was 60 pages long.

Chris Walker argued that 50 years ago the Titchfield Village Trust was set up to look after the village and Colin replied that the NF has an affinity with the village with the benefit to work together not causing divisions.


Cllr. Connie Hockley voiced her concerns about the Government decision of building in this area and how that will affect the NF.


Gloria Hunt said the NF is helping to preserve, conserve and keep the village unique, which is part of their statutory agreement. Sean Searight agreed with Gloria that the NF will help keep planning away.


Jax Knott queried what part the Emblem and Titchfield in Bloom played in the NF policies. Sean answered that the sub-groups support the main NF.


Nick Girdler asked about the facts on the original Neighbourhood Plan. Colin answered about the housing needs assessment over 20 years, for example 10 dwellings per year. It is beneficial to have Neighbourhood Plan policies as the Planning Inspector takes notice of them. Nick asked about the difference then between NF and the TVT independent policies. Ann answered that NF is about democracy not control; there was discussion about the government grants and if the referendum is successful.


Nick thanked the Neighbourhood Forum speakers.


TVT General Meeting

Treasurers Report:

Ian Reeves explained about the TVT accounts, which had been audited, with £1600 in current account.

Membership subs are down; the accounts still showed the NF money but that had since been handed over; HCC money from Cllr. Geoff Hockley for grants.

Accounts accepted : Proposed by Chris Walker and Seconded by Peter Swann.


Membership Officer:

Johnny Billson said 48 subscriptions had been paid – 18 at old rate of £3. Membership is now £5 per year and has been for 3 years so TVT has lost £40.

Some members pay their subs cash on the door and because the AGM is held before the financial year ends, the subs are counted as being for the year 17/18 and not 19/19. Therefore, it would be best for members to pay subs by standing order


Chairman’s Report:

Nick introduced the Village Gates – an idea to help slow down traffic speed through the village. Photographs have been taken in other villages in the Meon Valley by Phil Burner and photo-shopped to show the gates at all entrances to the village. They would have to be accessed through HCC, so money would have to be raised. A vote will be required from members.

Telephone Box – is now listed and TVT can buy it from BT for £1. Gloria Hunt suggested leaving it in Listed red telephone box paint.

Playground in the Country Park – The Trust is currently seeking a grant from the Veolia Trust of £75,000 towards the Adventure Playground. Application forms have been completed.

The Bridge – FBC is to remove the seating area by the bridge. Nick, Phil and Johnny have replaced the wooden uprights in the bridge; Nick and Sandi have removed the rubbish and cleaned the area.

Foreman Homes appeal – Nick has applied to speak at the appeal.

General Meeting 6th November – Dr Tom Bertram will be the guest speaker. It will be TVT 50 Years Anniversary – there will be a celebration at the meeting.



* November 11 commemoration  - the church bells will ring at 11am and 7 pm.

* The hearing loop in the Parish Rooms has been mended.

* Titchfield History Society will be holding a picnic at the Tythe Barn at 6pm, where Ken will give a brief talk about the history of the barn.


The meeting ended at 9.15pm.