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5 JULY 2022


Apologies: Richard Ashton, Johnny Billson, Suzy Jackson, Robert and Chris Chase, Cllr. Sarah Pankhurst, Lesley Blackburn,


There was no speaker for this meeting.


Treasurers Report: Nick reported for Richard that TVT is in the process of switching banks, therefore moving accounts, to Lloyds Bank on 29 July. Santander has closed accounts and is moving money across. Tiffany Harper has agreed to sign accounts. There will be:

Parish Room account (CIO TVT) – currently has £2,600

Building Projects account - £144,900

TVT Account - £1,697


Parish Room:

Titchfield History Society would like to plant trees beside the Parish Room in memory of the children that were murdered at the bottom of West Street.


Planning: Lindsey Bailey reported that there is an appeal on 16 August, against 49 houses being built in Cartwright Drive;

* Two dwellings have been refused and dismissed at 74 Bridge Street;

* Parking in East Street and yellow lines being painted to stop parking at the bottom of East Street – there will be an HCC public consultation to listen to the public objections;

* Posbrook Lane application – Foreman Homes have been granted permission to build 57 houses with 23 conditions.

* Complaints have been received about the Inert lorries using Common Lane for work in Posbrook Lane after the sewage flooding.


Parish Room: Nick gave an update about work being carried out:

* TVT now own the lease of the Parish Room for 67 years.

* Scaffolding has not been erected at present time as expected, but will be soon.

* Roof update – no leaks but tiles are falling off.

* Path around the TPR is subsiding needs to be made safe this will be done as part of the repairs.

* Solar panels (3 rows) to be erected and eventually storage batteries to help electricity bills and environmental issues under Greening.

* Building materials used are VAT free.

* Infra red heaters maybe installed to enable gas central heating to stop.

* The floor will be relaid.

* There will be a dedicated coffee room, which will be decorated and made comfortable with new tables and chairs once the cupboards have been removed. * Application has gone to ACRE in Hampshire for financial support for Village and Community Halls.

Tim Mason asked about the use of Styro Foam in the walls to aid insulation.

Sukie Swan enquired about a new projector and screen.

Discussion took place about the heating and naming of the Titchfield Parish Room change to the Village Hall. Nick explained about policies not been dealt with under the word Parish and connections to the Diocese.


Future Projects:

Barry’s Meadow and tree planting in conjunction with The Earl of Southampton Trust – Nick is meeting with garden designer Pat Fox to discuss best trees to be planted.

* A Silver Birch for the David Smith Memorial.

* No Oak trees but all native trees.

* A community orchard with apple  to be planted starting in November

* Discussion about the best trees to be used around the Parish Room in memory of the murdered children.



* Bowling Club would like to put up a defibrillator in the village.

* TVT need new members and everyone was asked to spread the word. Sukie Swan suggested organising an evening event to advertise the work on TPR.

* David Ibbetson spoke about the telephone box and he can raise a team to re-paint it. May require a village referendum to vote for changing the use of the telephone box.

* Colin Wilton-Smith spoke about the Abbey and English Heritage agreeing to the History Society organising the Earl of Southampton Tudor Fayre on 28 August, with musical concerts on evenings of 27 and 28 August, in conjunction with the Titchfield Festival Theatre. Lord Montagu will open the event.


Meeting closed at 8.35pm.


Next meeting Tuesday 1 November.2022


Tuesday 1 March 2022.

Titchfield Parish Room


Guest Speaker: Mark Trigwell, Countryside Officer for Fareham Borough Council.

Mark gave his first talk to TVT in 2017 where he introduced the country park ideas. Since then the park has flourished, and there was the official opening of the children’s playground area and Abbey Meadows Country Park in July 2021.

Mark spoke about the updates regarding the park and its infrastructure –

Plans for a new path around the car park to enable walkers to access the park safely.

The play area will have more picnic benches added to the children’s play ground for family’s to enjoy.

He spoke about the various public rights of way through the park and HCC are deciding to divert and re-route one path opposite the Primary School for safety reasons.

An entrance from Carron Row is being investigated, and a connection between the Recreational Ground and the field next to it.

Mark spoke about The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee ‘Queen’s Copse’ being planned with the planting of 100 various trees, which will be planted in November 2022, made up of 10 different species.

Trees planted elsewhere in the park can be used as noise buffers.

Events being organised:

There will be Butterfly counting event in April to September;

Bee keeping – an open day event in June with marquee and stalls;

Moth trapping evening in July 2022, which will be a ticket only event;

Dressing the Scarecrow event in October.

Suzy Jackson praised Mark on the whole park structure, and asked if there could be toilets nearby the children’s play area and car park – Mark and Cllr. Connie Hockley said unfortunately there are no plans at present because of the expense of building and daily upkeep of public toilets. Plans to have an Information Office arev being looked at  and if it came about a toilet would possibly be added.

Dogs on the lead V dogs off the lead, was a debate - There are specific areas to allow dogs off the lead, but some owners ignore the rules. There are no By-laws to enforce this. But Cllr. Tiffany Harper said she would investigate the legal side to this problem.

Phil Burner also praised Mark about the Park and asked about the Information Boards being updated to make the boundaries clearer.

Everyone applauded Mark about the successful Park and Play Park.



Apologies: Pat Shirley, Margaret Pace, Cllr. Sarah Pankhurst, David Long, Graham Edwards, Geoff Hockley, Susanne Swan, Lindsey Bailey, Geoff and Ann Smith, Lesley Blackburn, Colin Wilton Smith

Attendees: Johnny Billson reported 34 members signed in.

Minutes: The minutes of the last AGM meeting on November 2nd 2021 were agreed by all attending –


Proposed by Robert Chase, and Seconded by Gill Leighton Goodall.

Officers: Committee member have agreed to stand again –

Chairman – Nick Girdler

Secretary – Mary Burner

Treasurer – Richard Ashton

Membership Secretary – Johnny Billson

Planning – Lindsey Bailey

Village Hall – Suzy Jackson and Lesley Blackburn


Proposed by Peter Swan and Seconded by Clodine Pichon.


Treasurer’s Report:

Richard Ashton gave his report on the accounts, explaining the losses during 2020 and 2021. The money is beginning to return due to the Hall being used regularly and bookings are looking healthy. The £100,000 has also been raised for the roof repairs due to generous donations that Nick has acquired and applied for. Richard praised Nick for his continuous hard work and thanked him for keeping the Parish Room going. All agreed.

The accounts have not been audited yet by Tiffany Harper, but will be by the next meeting in the next financial year.


Nick Girdler gave a report on the Titchfield Parish Room accounts and grant applications update – there is £101,000 in the TPR account to enable work on the roof to begin in Spring. This money has been raised due to various donations from Earl of Southampton Trust, Veolia, HCC, FBC and many individuals. Fareham Lottery has donated £525 through people winnings. Nick thanked everyone for their support at this time and said the work on the building, footpath, solar panels and electricity, is likely to start in the spring.

Suzy Jackson gave a report on the Titchfield Parish Room bookings and incomes. Booking for single events have been raised since last October. Prices have changed and cash flow is good. Payments have been made easier since credit card payments and booking online. There will be an annual meeting with regular users in August to help updates and feedback. Suzy encouraged people to attend the weekly Friday morning Country Market to buy local produce and enjoy a cup of coffee.

Johnny Billson gave his report on TVT membership. Although it is not the end of the financial year so far 75 members have paid annual membership plus life members. More people are paying through Standing Orders. Johnny said we do need new members to support TVT and encouraged everyone to spread the word, and invite younger people to join.



Posbrook Lane -

Nick gave the update about Posbrook Lane planning application that Foreman Homes have been granted planning for 57 houses. He explained the procedure behind this decision for people that have not read the FBC report. Over the years Foreman Homes were not allowed to build 150 houses on the field due to being near a listed and Grade 2* historic house plus being too close to the Strategic Gap. The plan now is a 1/3 of this original plan and a gap has been left so as not to encroach on the historic house borders.

Cllr. Connie Hockley spoke and said that FBC is hugely disappointed by the Inspectors decision. FBC did not agree with the result and they are getting a barrister to look at the plan for a judicial review.

Nick encouraged members to look at the advantages, as there is nothing we can do now to object to the Inspectors decision. We have to ensure that the borders are kept, no more building is added, the playground area in Bellfield is improved as agreed, and 40% of houses are affordable, as Foreman Homes have agreed.

A member asked about the public footpath access across the field that exist – HCC run the footpaths and access is incorporated in the plan although one of the paths may have to be re-routed.

TVT and FBC will ensure that before any building begins, that nitrates question is addressed, there will be an archaeological dig, sewage and wildlife investigations along with surface water questions will be also be addressed in the field.

Peter Swan enquired about the effect on the surgery and the local primary school, which are over subscribed and struggling at this time. The 106 Agreement may address these issues. Cllr. Connie Hockley said that the formula for how much money is available and goes to NHS hospitals, but not surgeries.

The plan is on the FBC website.

Cartwright Drive:

Nick received a phone call from Foreman Homes regarding the planning for 49 houses on a site off Cartwright Drive, just beyond Abbey Nurseries and the Country Park. TVT have objected.


Trees on Barry’s Meadow:

Nick spoke about TVT and the Earl of Southampton Trust working together to remove the overgrown brambles area behind the new path through Barry’ Meadow. EoST own the land and have agreed to the area being cleared and trees planted to support the FBC Greening Project, and the Jubilee celebrations. It may also help with the waterlogging in that part of the land. The suggestion is to plant a variety of native trees of various sizes . The suggestion is for the brambles to be removed in October and in November to plant 100 trees and bushes. Nick asked for a vote from the members – unanimous agreement.

Chris Chase and Valerie Patterson spoke about the state of the trees on Barry’s Meadow by the West Street houses and the affect the roots and branches are having on the buildings. FBC and the Earl of Southampton Trust are in the process of agreeing remedial work.


Phone Box:

The history of the phone box was discussed. There are 19,000 left in UK, and the Titchfield box was used 4 times during 2021. It is listed and is in working order with BT periodically servicing it.  They removed the book library at last service.

Nick suggested a village referendum as this is not just for TVT, to decide but the whole village if we wished to ‘Adopt’ the box.

After a vote it was decided to leave things as they were.

The Community Centre is re-opening its borrowing library to stand in stead of the box.



Suzy Jackson said that if anyone is planning events over the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee holiday, the Parish Room can be booked free of charge.


Meeting closed at 8.45pm.

Next meeting is July 5th, 2022 at 7.30pm

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