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If you want to support the Trust by purchasing tickets for the Fareham Lottery then click on the logo above 


Many of us have become regular spenders with Amazon during Lockdown and they offer a special benefit to registered Charities. You simply have to register Titchfield Village Trust as your chosen charity and we'll enjoy 0.05% of everything you spend(from Amazon's revenues). Just click on the link above and you're off and running.  

You can have one of these unique Cyanotype prints while at the same time helping to support Titchfield Parish Rooms.

Cyanotype is a photographic printing process that produces a cyan-blue print. Cyanotype photography was discovered by English scientist Sir John Herschel in 1842 and became very popular with early Victorian photographers. Due to how the image is created each print is different.

For just £35 you can own one of only twelve limited edition 12”x18” prints complete with mount ready for you to frame.

All proceeds from the sale of these unusual prints of the Parish Rooms will be donated to the Parish Room appeal.

Please help Phil and us to reach our target of £100,000 to complete the much needed work on the Parish Room Roof.

Email phil.burner@ to secure your copy

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We are now a registered Good Cause on the all new Fareham Community Lottery.

As from Monday February 8th you could show your support for TVT and our objective, to repair and refurbish the Parish Room for both ourselves and future generations, and possibly win big money, by buying a ticket or 2 or 3 or 4……….

The first of the weekly draws is on Saturday March 13th


All you need to do is hit the big button at the top of this page and select Titchfield Village Trust as your chosen Good Cause and we will receive 40p from every ticket you buy, and believe us, we need this income as much as you would like to win. The site will be available to obtain tickets from February 8th, although the Fareham Lottery site is open now for you to get more details on how it is run.

If you do decide to support us in this way thank you, and while you’re at it why not try to encourage others to do the same. The Parish Room roof refurbishment needs £100,000 and even though we are already a quarter of the way towards achieving that goal we are going to need the whole of the village to get behind us to complete this hugely important project to keep the Parish Room at the heart of our community for at least the next 50 years.

The great thing about this is it doesn’t cost us a penny. The Gosport lottery, overseen by our last treasurer Ian Reeves, has been a great success and local good causes in the town have received well over £50,000


Don’t worry if you’re not up to dealing with the internet there’s a phone line available to enable you to take part as well: 01329 743010


Good Luck….oh and if you do win the £25,000 why not give some thought to making over some of it to the Parish Room project !


If you’re someone averse to gambling as well as the ‘Fareham Lottery’ button on our website we’ll shortly also be adding a button to our new ‘Just Giving’ page. No prizes here just the knowledge that you’ve made a difference to the village if you make a contribution.

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