Posbrook Lane Planning Appeal

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We need to raise £100,000 in order to re-tile the roof on the Village Hall.

Earlier this year we commissioned a survey of the roof along with outside path and drainage work that needed to be undertaken.

Understandably after 125 years the nails holding the tiles in place, along with the tiles themselves, need replacing.

As the building is locally listed and in the conservation area we had to submit planning permission. At the same time we applied to place 3 rows of solar panels on the south side of the building, helping us to reduce future costs and hopefully keep hiring charges down. The project was unanimously passed by the Fareham Planning Committee.

Covid intervened as we began looking at how we could raise the funds, however, that didn’t stop us applying to organisations and groups within the village to help us reach our target.

So far we have raised over £75,000. Taking us three quarters of the way there ! With numerous applications still in train in order to achieve our goal. 

Our thanks to all those groups, and individuals who have made this possible, the way things look work should be able to begin sometime in the spring.

Photoshop of roof with solar panels

If they are installed at the same time as the tiles they can be flush fitting thus reducing the visual impact

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