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The Village Trust would like to thank all those who turned out on a very wet Thursday to plant the 14 Fruit Trees that Hampshire County Council supplied for planting our Community Orchard on Barry’s Meadow.

We have 4 eating apples, 4 cooking apples, 2 cherry, 2 pear and 2 plum trees. I they all survive we could start getting fruit in a couple of years and maybe if the idea works, we may be able to extend it.

We would also like to thank the 30 or so who turned out to plant the 150 trees on a much dryer Sunday 3 days later. The Village Gardening Club and Allotment Society helped along with numerous individual residents.

We have 50 trees that encourage pollinators, 50 that attract wildlife and 50 traditional British woodland trees. The trees were supplied by I Dig Trees through the Conservation Volunteers organisation, which the Trust made a contribution to.

This year’s planting has added to the 100 or so trees we put in last year.

We are not expecting all the trees will survive and the extremely wet weather of late doesn’t bode too well but fingers crossed, we only lost a few of last years planting and if we get the same percentage our plan to create a copse for the village will have been a success.

Please try to avoid the area for a while to allow the plants room to set.

Our next project is the internal refurbishment of the Village Hall which will be closed for 6 weeks from the middle of July to allow the work to be undertaken

A video of the Sunday planting can be viewed by clicking the button at the top of this page.

We have provided and built a new planter next to the Phone Box Book Exchange (also funded by the Trust) as a Christmas Present to the Village




Two major grants towards the refurbishment of the Village Hall were received earlier in the year £10,000 from the National Lottery and £5,000 from the Garfield Weston Foundation. This, along with the £21,000 already raised is taking us close to our estimated figure of £51,000 to complete the work transforming the halls interior. In order to carry out the work the Hall will be close from Mid-July through to the end of August.

The Trust also completed work on the new Phone Box Book Exchange with the help of David Ibbotson and the Men’s Shed.  We are also renewing the planter next to the box. Our thanks for volunteering to look after these two ongoing projects goes to Elizabeth Dale and Bob Murphy.

Our next project will be to complete the tree planting on Barry’s Meadow. Earlier in the year, and with the help of volunteers from the Gardening Club and the Allotment Society, we planted over 90 trees. We have already obtained a further 150 ; 50 of which will have the specific task of encouraging pollinators and the other 50 of boosting wildlife while a further 50 are from native woodland species.

Along with these a further 14 mature fruit trees will be planted to create a community orchard.

Planting will take place on Sunday 11th February from 11.00am. exactly a year after we began the project. Once again we are asking for Village volunteers to help. All you need to bring is a spade, and if you have one a cordless strimmer, we will supply the stakes and mulch needed to start the trees off and keep them healthy. Please put the date in your diary.

Once again I have to make a plea for new blood to come along to our regular general meetings and make a difference in the Village we all love by offering your help. Don't just read this turn up to help please.




Last year the Village Trust ran a referendum on converting the phone box at the bottom of Southampton Hill into a Book Exchange.

The result was an overwhelming YES to the idea.

We began the process of adopting the box and removing the phone.

With the considerable work undertaken by David Ibbetson to refurbish the box the Trust allocated some £800 towards the project. The Titchfield Men’s Shed came along and provided the shelving.

Now after almost a year the project is complete, and the Phone Box Book Exchange is open for business.

Please remember the box is not a place to dump rubbish.

Books are paper they can go into your recycling bin.

If the shelves are full do not leave books on the floor. We have no extra storage.

Remember it is a book EXCHANGE leave one take one.

If the box if full the Community Centre also has a book exchange library

We do not have a librarian please try to leave your books on the appropriate shelves.

Children’s Books at the bottom, Novels at the top. Non-Fiction on the left.

We hope and are sure you’ll enjoy this new addition to the cultural life of the Village !


For more information on how the Trust is making a difference in the Village visit our website or better still join us and become part of the difference it only cost £5 a year.

The Village Hall


















The new roof and paths around the Village Hall are now complete. At the same time we have replaced all the guttering and soffits along with adding 3 rows of solar panels on the south side of the building which are now feeding back into the National Grid. With adding over building spec. insulation in the roof, this has helped reduce our energy costs.

The whole project required us to raise over £150,000, but now the building is both weather tight  and ready for our next set of upgrades. This will include:

1.Remove false ceiling, repaint. Install LED lighting above and along walls

2,Battery for solar panels

3.New updated radiators

4.Insulate 2 loggias and repair and repaint outside woodwork with lockable noticeboards

5.Create table and chair storage area on left of entrance allowing us to remount the Titchfield Tapestries on the rear wall of the stage

6.New laminate floor.

7.New lockable kitchen cupboards and worksurfaces

8.Sound System with Hearing Loop, new Projection Screen

9.New Tables & Chairs

We are estimating costs in the region of £60,000 but once all of this has been achieved the hall will be fit for purpose for at least the next 50 years.

We also aim to create a ‘Coffee Room’ in the current committee room and re-decorate the hall

Our time scale depends on raising the funds required and at the moment we are a third of the way to achieving that.

Your help in the past has been much appreciated and as we near the home straight on bringing this much loved village building into the 21st century we would once again welcome your support. The easiest way to contact us is through E.Mail.

Barry's Meadow

Barry's Meadow Path 1.jpg

Many of you have made comments on the improved access the new path across the Barry’s Meadow has provided. The Earl of Southampton Trust (EoS Trust) are to be congratulated on providing a much-used facility.

As a result the Village Trust and the EoS Trust have joined forces to continue improving the meadow by removing the brambles on the left hand side, as you look from the bottom, and replacing them with a copse of native trees.

View the video of our tree planting by using the link in the header.

Barry's Meadow path 2.jpg
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